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How to use Ps3 Sfo Editor to edit your PS3 game files

How to use Ps3 Sfo Editor to edit your PS3 game files

Ps3 Sfo Editor is a tool that allows you to edit the PARAM.SFO files of your PS3 games. PARAM.SFO files contain information such as game title, game ID, category, version, and more. By editing these files, you can change some aspects of your games, such as making them compatible with your PSN ID, enabling remote play, or changing the background music.

Ps3 Sfo Editor

In this article, we will show you how to use Ps3 Sfo Editor to edit your PS3 game files. You will need a PC with Windows and a USB drive with your PS3 game backup.

Step 1: Download Ps3 Sfo Editor

Ps3 Sfo Editor is part of the PS3 Tools Collection by Aldostools[^1^], which is a set of tools for PS3 homebrew and modding. You can download the latest version of PS3 Tools Collection from here. Alternatively, you can download Ps3 Sfo Editor as a standalone tool from here or here.

Step 2: Extract Ps3 Sfo Editor

After downloading Ps3 Sfo Editor, extract it to a folder on your PC. You should see a file called PARAM_SFO_Editor.exe. This is the main executable of the tool.

Step 3: Run Ps3 Sfo Editor

Double-click on PARAM_SFO_Editor.exe to run it. You should see a window like this:

This is the main interface of Ps3 Sfo Editor. Here you can see the fields and values of the PARAM.SFO file that you open.

Step 4: Open a PARAM.SFO file

To open a PARAM.SFO file, you can either drag and drop it to the window, or click on File > Open and browse for it. You can find the PARAM.SFO file of your PS3 game backup in the PS3_GAME folder on your USB drive.

For example, if your game backup is Gran Turismo 5, you can find its PARAM.SFO file in X:\PS3_GAME\PARAM.SFO, where X is the letter of your USB drive.

Once you open a PARAM.SFO file, you should see its fields and values in the window. For example, this is what Gran Turismo 5's PARAM.SFO file looks like:

You can see information such as game title (TITLE), game ID (TITLE_ID), category (CATEGORY), version (APP_VER), etc.

Step 5: Edit a PARAM.SFO file

To edit a field or value of a PARAM.SFO file, simply double-click on it and type in the new value. For example, if you want to change the game title from Gran Turismo 5 to Gran Turismo 6, just double-click on TITLE and type in Gran Turismo 6.

You can also add new fields or delete existing fields by right-clicking on the window and selecting Add Field or Delete Field.

Some fields have special meanings or functions that you should be aware of. For example:

ATTRIBUTE: This field controls some features of the game, such as background music (bit 0), PSP/PSPVita remote play (bit 1), warnings (bit 4), etc. You can enable or disable these features by changing the value of this field using hexadecimal notation. For example, if you want to enable background music and remote play for your game, you should set ATTRIBUTE to e0e6b7cb5c


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