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Answers To Mastering Chemistry Homework Chapter 8

Answers to Mastering Chemistry Homework Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of Mastering Chemistry for Chemistry 11th Edition covers the topics of basic concepts of chemical bonding, Lewis structures, bond polarity and electronegativity, bond energy and lattice energy, and molecular shapes and the VSEPR model. In this article, we will provide some answers to the homework problems from this chapter, along with explanations and references. Note that these answers are not official solutions and may contain errors or inaccuracies. Please use them at your own risk and consult your instructor or textbook for clarification.

answers to mastering chemistry homework chapter 8

Problem 1: What is the formal charge of each of these atoms: HOFO?

The formal charge of an atom in a molecule is the difference between the number of valence electrons in the isolated atom and the number of electrons assigned to it in the Lewis structure. To assign electrons to an atom, we follow these rules:

  • Each lone pair of electrons belongs entirely to one atom.

  • Each bonding pair of electrons is split equally between the two atoms that share it.

Using these rules, we can calculate the formal charge of each atom in HOFO as follows:


Valence electrons in isolated atom

Electrons assigned in Lewis structure

Formal charge





O (left)








O (right)




The Lewis structure of HOFO is shown below, with the formal charges indicated:

![HOFO] This answer is based on [Mastering Chemistry for Chemistry 11th Edition Chapter 8 Problem 1PE].


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